Death By A Thousand Cuts: Collective Shadow Work

A Series of Poems Inspired By Lived Experience – By Sobia Iqbal

Ignorance a luxury - what do you mean? I was not aware.

The subtle cries for help left unheeded,

A compulsion to speak up and speak out,

Fragile egos become defensive.

Process and systems protecting yielders of influence and power.

The vulnerable unprotected, discarded, forced to flee before perpetual flames burn them asunder.

Be mindful of empathy for your kinship turning to collusion, perpetuating harmful patterns, left unexamined.

Denying, rejecting the voices of those who may shed some light on unconscious ways of being, that no doubt operate in shadow in the guise of service.

It takes courage to self-examine, it cannot be done in a bubble. Redemption, catharsis, healing comes from facing those who you have harmed, no matter the intention.

This is the work, we all must foster, taking responsibility for our very own character.

Our actions matter, our words are weapons of love or fear.

This is the choice we must make today and everyday.

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