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Photo of the Founder & Director at Pegasus Wellbeing Ltd

Sobia Iqbal, 

transformational coach, organisational  development strategist and facilitator.

Hi, I’m Sobia.

An entrepreneur, writer and coach, dedicated to supporting you to create a vibrant life on purpose.

I work with people just like you - high achievers looking for more sustainable success, fulfilment and freedom in life.

All these come together I believe, when you have a strong purpose, vision and personal mission in life. Supported by a wellbeing lifestyle that propels your performance and success to greater levels.

You’ll be no stranger to individual success and here at Pegasus Wellbeing, we’re all about taking this success to the next level in every aspect of life. 

Ultimately, to greater social contribution, creativity and meaning.


Multi coloured butterfly representing our mission and purpose

To support a global community of purpose centred individuals, to create the wellbeing life conditions that propel sustainable effectiveness, in every aspect of life. Freeing up time and energy to not only be happier, healthier and more fulfilled but to nurture social consciousness, so we all can leave a lasting, positive, social legacy, however great or small.

The Birth of Pegasus

The Greek mythical divine stallion Pegasus ascended to heaven shortly after birth. So too, do we have the potential to transform and transcend our current life conditions, towards greater meaning, connection and contribution. This opportunity to be "re-born" is open to all of us and the good news is that discovering and living a life on purpose just speeds things up.  

I love the symbolism of Pegasus - to me it represents freedom, vitality and growth. Taming and overcoming our "shadow selves" to transcend to greater heights both personally as well as supporting others to do so.

I value freedom - to me this means ultimate wellbeing in every aspect of life. 

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What does A Life On Purpose look and feel like for you?

When this strong sense of purpose is no longer in place, dis-satisfaction, niggling doubts and frustration often show up. You may feel like you're lacking clear direction and perhaps confused about your next steps.

You might find yourself asking: How do I get more meaning and fulfilment in my life? How can I spend more time on the things I really care about? I appear to have everything but why do I feel like there's something missing?

There has to be a better way!

If so, you’re in the right place.

Success Story

Purpose Testimonial - a client from Romania

Cristina, Romania

"I was coached by Sobia during four very interesting coaching sessions. I enjoyed her perseverance in asking me the difficult questions and most importantly, the right ones for the purpose of our discussion. She has an inquisitive mind and a great ability to connect the dots. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for their purpose in life, for a change or improvement of their life or for getting to know themselves better."

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