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Wellbeing Tools for Everyday Living

When was the last time you took some 'me time' to reflect on where you are in your life and compared that to where you want to be? Take the single biggest thing in your life right now that's causing you the greatest suffering and reflect on this question for a minute . This could be your relationships, health, career, purpose or spiritual connection perhaps. Reflecting on this all alone can be daunting and confusing. Now imagine two very friendly, compassionate and highly professional women helping you to navigate those choppy waters - one a professionally trained Clinical Psychologist and the other a Personal Transformation Coach with a ten year corporate career behind her, now turned entrepreneur. 

Restorative balance & Wellbeing

We are creatures of habit and unless we take time out of our busy lives and consciously reflect for the purpose of self-development and growth, then we are very likely to continue doing what we've always done. Our approach is highly experiential, so you learn by doing which we participants find highly engaging and enjoyable. We want you to leave with as many super useful tools that you can implement in your day to day life. 

Integrating Mind, Body & Spirit 

We tend to have many parts to us which when in conflict with one another can cause a lot of resistance, doubt and uncertainty.

Over the course of the weekend, we will begin to explore these different parts to us with the view of starting to integrate them. Ultimately so we can become whole integrated beings that are aligned to our deeper purpose and values.

Part of living such a life is managing relationships including setting boundaries. The biggest part of any successful relationship is COMMUNICATION and you'll get to experience and practice tried and tested communication tools in a safe space before you apply them in your own life. 

You'll also create personalised healing and rejuvenating rituals and practices that you can take away and apply as part of your daily routine.

Raising Self-Awareness

This will support the self reflection and awareness raising we'll be encouraging during our sessions and yes they'll be lots of herbal teas available!

Authentic Expression

We encourage you to be truly you, express your truth in a safe and supportive space. We respect your boundaries, practices and different ways of recharging at the end of the day - there is no compulsion to 'join in with the crowd.' 

Unwind and Relax

Make the most out of of your weekend experience. We seek locations where there are excellent facilities such as a pool, gym and spa facilities.

Let Nature Heal You

Spend as much time out in nature throughout the weekend, this will encourage the mindfullness practices we'll be implementing.

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