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Career Wellbeing

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):

Are you a sole trader or SME? Not sure if & how the 2018 EU data protection laws apply to your business?

Download our free newsletter: GDPR 101.  This breaks down data protection & privacy into actionable steps that you can take right now, to help you towards compliance. Whilst using a coaching business as a case study, the information is useful and relevant to all SMEs that process personal data.

Also useful if you're just interested in your data privacy rights as a UK or EU citizen.

The deadline for GDPR compliance was 25 May 2018

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Personal Transformation Coaching

Coaching Covers All Wellbeing Categories: spiritual, physical, social (relationships), emotional, intellectual, career and environmental wellbeing.

Nurture Thriving Relationships

Would you like to improve your relationship skills, so you can have deeper, more fulfilling and mutually beneficial support? Click on the icon to learn more.

Discover your 'A Life on Purpose'

Lacking fulfilment, joy and aliveness despite seemingly having "everything"? Seeking something more? Want a deeper connection with self, others and the work you do? Click on the icon to learn more.

Sustainable High Performance

Overwhelmed by unhealthy levels of stress, worried about work and family pressures on your health and wellbeing? Wondering how to sustain high performance consistently without burning out? Finding it difficult to balance different areas of your life? Click on the icon to learn more.

Holistic Vitality & Wellbeing

Constantly battling fatigue? Feeling overwhelmed? Don't have the time, energy or mental space to invest in yourself? Click on the icon to learn more.

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Take some well-deserved time out to bolster your wellbeing in the stunning English countryside. Click on the icon to learn more.

Business Transformation Coaching, Mentoring, Training & Consultancy

Start Your Own Business

Love the thought of starting your own business? Want more freedom and flexibility? Have an idea that you want to talk through with someone? Not sure how to go about it? Click on the icon to learn more.

Personal Transformation Programmes

Self-Mastery & Beyond

This programme pools together all my learning and knowledge to support you to achieve self-mastery. This exclusive online programme is currently being developed. To learn more and to help shape the programme click on the icon above.

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