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can't sleep? tired of struggling with Insomnia?

There are so many reasons to tackle sleep deprivation and insomnia for good, not least because of the serious health consequences. But there's also a much wider impact: the cost to our careers, relationships and overall wellbeing.


My Step-by-Step Guide will Show You:

  1. The 9 common 'Sleep Gremlins' that cause insomnia and sleep deprivation
  2. How to expel these Sleep Gremlins for good
  3. How to improve the quality and quantity of your sleep once and for all
  4. How to put in place and embed the practices, rituals and habits for a high performance lifestyle without compromising on wellbeing 
  5. How to create balance and harmony in your life
  6. How to supercharge your productivity and performance
  7. How to claim back time for high value lifetime activities and so much more!

How is Lack of Sleep Harming Your Life?

If we're not getting the quantity and quality of sleep we need, we can't perform at our best and we're unable to be present in our relationships. We may become irritable, unable to focus and get easily frustrated with ourselves and others. Our ability to cope and be emotionally resilient is also impacted by the quality of our sleep. Lack of sleep can be caused by or contribute to our worries, stress, anxiety and even depression - a vicious circle! These psychological triggers are the biggest contributing factors of chronic insomnia.

Sleep Gremlin

Kick-start your new year with the DEEP SLEEP you deserve!

Discover the Deep Sleep Toolkit

I created the ebook Tired and Tested to support others to overcome sleep deprivation and insomnia, having successfully done so myself, as well as to create a wellbeing lifestyle that supports a Life On Purpose. Using my Deep Sleep Toolkit you'll learn how to overcome sleep deprivation and insomnia, or simply improve the quality of the sleep you're already getting.

The purpose of The Deep Sleep Toolkit is to restore balance fast and for good. The result: improved quality and quantity of sleep based on your specific individual needs. This toolkit is designed to provide you with step-by-step guidance to empower you to take positive action towards the aspects of sleep that are within your control and influence.

Effective Tools & Techniques

how we get you there

  1. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques such as modelling, anchoring, reframing and peripheral vision
  2. Harnessing the power of association and disassociation
  3. Cultivating a 'Deep Sleep Mindset' based on the science of sleep - neuroplasticity and circadian rhythm hacks
  4. Implementing effective sleep routines and rituals working with your natural body rhythms
  5. Relaxation Techniques
  6. How to recognise and transform psychological projection

Practical Action Steps

making it happen

  1. Harnessing your motivation
  2. Reprogramming your mind
  3. The power of imagination and belief to create your reality
  4. How to overcome limiting beliefs, sleep worry and anxiety
  5. The Wellbeing Trinity: restoring balance and harmony
  6. Identifying your Sleep Gremlins
  7. Impact of sleep on nutrition, genes, mood, hormones and vice versa
  8. Optimising your sleep hygiene
  9. Why multitasking is killing your productivity
  10. Supercharge your productivity and effectiveness

Proven Results

how you know it's worked

  1. Wake up feeling refreshed and energised
  2. Regular and consistent deep sleep (quality and quantity) based on your optimal needs - this is 7-9 hours for the average person
  3. Embedding positive sleep habits within 30 days 
  4. Achieving a mindset that supports a wellbeing lifestyle
  5. Double your productivity within 90 days
  6. Greater emotional wisdom and resilience

Ready to live a life worthy of your potential and without regret?

Consistent deep sleep is so important for our sense of wellbeing and sustainable effectiveness in every aspect of life.

Refreshing deep sleep gives us the energy and mental focus needed to pursue our goals, dreams and deeper purpose.

We are so excited to support you through this important transformation!

Sobia's big picture approach and deep questioning highlighted recurring behaviours I hadn’t previously spotted, then to identify the triggers and positive ways to approach them in similar situations. I would absolutely recommend Sobia as a coach, the experience was an extremely positive one.



I would highly recommend Sobia to anyone who is looking for their purpose in life, for a change or improvement of their life or for getting to know themselves better.



"Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together."

Thomas Dekker

About the Author

Sobia Iqbal is a Life Coach, Business Strategist and Founder of Pegasus Wellbeing Ltd

Sobia helps professionals to create a wellbeing lifestyle that supports sustainable effectiveness and ‘on purpose’ living. In her work she has the privilege of supporting people to create and align their sense of purpose, optimise their wellbeing and embed high performance habits. The results are greater levels of fulfilment, joy and sustainable effectiveness. A lot of her work (including this ebook) draws upon her own life experience and continued commitment to living a Life on Purpose rooted in a wellbeing lifestyle that propels personal effectiveness in life, business, as well as through social contribution. She is deeply passionate about these aspects of our collective human experience and her Personal Mission is as follows:

"To support a global community of purpose-centred individuals, to create the wellbeing life conditions that propel sustainable effectiveness, in every aspect of life. This will free up your time and energy to not only be happier, healthier and more fulfilled but to nurture social consciousness, so we all can leave a lasting, positive, social legacy, however great or small."


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