Organisational Development: Transforming Culture 

Co-Creating the Conditions for Participation Via Courageous Conversations, Relational Networks and Inclusive Practices.

Team of people

Services for Individuals

  • Personal Transformation Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching and Mentoring (authentic voice)
  • Social Impact Mastermind
  • NLP and Complementary Therapies

Services for Organisations

  • Team Coaching
  • Group Coaching or facilitation
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Belonging and Participation Programme (for boards & front line staff)

What to expect working with me


Positive Disruptor

Challenging organisational ways of being and doing to find positive alternatives; leading to new ways of thinking, behaving and conducting business.


Values Led

Modelling behaviours and creating psychologically safe spaces to do great work together. My business values are Courage, Integrity, professionalism, Excellence and Collaboration.


Co-created Learning and Reflection

Empowering individuals and teams to harness their whole selves as well as supporting development with relevant skills, tools and language for reflective, collaborative and generative ways of working.

Discover My SERVICES

Team Coaching

Culture change through authenticity, participation and belonging.

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Career Coaching

Take the next step in your professional development with greater authenticity, courage and co-creative impact.

Personal Transformation Coaching

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Meta Coaching Perspectives

Supporting reflective practice for coaches, leaders and anyone interested in self-development.

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Sobia's mission

Coach, Supervisor and Mentor

To support a global community of purpose centred individuals, to create the wellbeing life conditions that propel sustainable effectiveness, in every aspect of life. Freeing up time and energy to not only be happier, healthier and more fulfilled but to nurture social consciousness, so we all can leave a lasting, positive, social legacy, however great or small.


Erika Sisak - Conductor at NICE

"Sobia takes a sensitive and professional approach which helps to create an atmosphere in which people feel comfortable to talk honestly about potentially delicate issues. Sobia provided an external perspective through which we were able to make an open and honest appraisal of the issues facing the organisation. 

Sophie Miller - Deputy Director, University of Birmingham  

"Sobia demonstrated the versatility of applying coaching principles to teams in order to facilitate a more supportive, reflective, and creative team culture.
Some of her particular strengths demonstrated include, reflective practice in coaching, engaging a large and varied team with understanding and applying coaching models to its work, being an exemplar of courageous conversations, and an advocate of equality, diversity and inclusion."

Etta Parkes - Employability Director, University of Birmingham

"Sobia provided us with a fantastic foundation in our team at University of Birmingham and on the Transformation West Midlands project, creating a real legacy to support us in building a positive team, and a positive experience for our students and recent graduates. I hugely appreciated Sobia's passion, authenticity and energy."

Benefits of my approach

Working in a transformative way doesn't mean me becoming indispensable to you but empowering you with what you need to succeed without me! My role is as a catalyst, enabler, helping you to see and frame your experiences courageously whilst holding a vision of what's possible (and increasingly necessary).

Co-creative and collaborative from the start

You are the experts in your work - I support you to harness this potential at greater levels by fostering the conditions for thinking and working well together

Empowering individuals with the skills needed to succeed

Whether this is thinking strategically to harness support to implement effective change or empowering others with coaching skills to shift culture by having courageous conversations - learning is scaffolded for greater personal and team growth 

Creating direct feedback loops

Breaking down (to reform on stronger foundations whilst keeping what's useful) limiting beliefs and systemic barriers, highlighting challenges that can be turned into opportunities - creating psychologically safe spaces along with tools to have more reflective, collaborative and generative conversations

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A complimentary 1-hour meeting to discuss your needs further. An opportunity to leave with more clarity about your next steps.

What Makes Me Different

We all have our unique gifts and talents as well as leadership competencies that we are actively cultivating, these are mine...

Modelling Courage

Integrity and professionalism are amongst my core business values - it's really important for me to walk my talk and lead by example demonstrating what's possible. And yes, I'm going to make mistakes along the way but owning up to those is also important modelling / learning.

Growth Mindset

Admittedly this one comes easily to me as I have a love of learning. However, this does take me outside of my comfort zone, into uncertainty / a place of not knowing. Yet,  this is where insight and emergent growth lives. Having the language and developing skills is key to having courageous conversations

Heart, mind and body

Utilising the wisdom of my whole body is something I've really had to work on as I'm naturally quite a cerebral person. The gifts are well worth it especially developing emotional intelligence and competency over time and with practice. This is the point of healing, connection, belonging and participation.


Why is culture change so difficult?

Because we often don't talk about historical context and legacy issues at play, implicit values and the cultural assumptions being made. We need the tools, spaces and willing participants to support us to do this in a safe way.

Getting started, what often gets in the way

Fear is a big one for not knowing where to start with culture change! Getting it wrong, the repercussions and risk of reputational damage.

Why inclusion is not enough

Inclusion is important but not enough on its own. We don't just want to be included / fit in but want to be active participants of cultural evolution, to be our authentic selves and feel like we are accepted and belong. Taking the best of what's served us and leaving behind what doesn't.

What do we need to be thinking about?

Fostering the conditions for courageous conversations in psychologically safe ways and spaces is the starting point. There are a number of ways to implement this practically. 

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